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Dale and Hilary 

BCTR Member number 468

BCTR member since 2009

Triumph owner since 2010 (Hilary) and 2009 (Dale)

About us

Dale’s first British car was a 1965 TR4 which he owned from 1973 until 1987

In 2009, Hilary found a 1980 TR7 in a friends garage in Ontario and as Dale had been wingding about finding a TR again, and considering the cars condition and price, it was a no brainer to buy it for him for his 55th birthday gift in 2009

Being a very unselfish person, Dale decided as he had a sports car that it was necessary for Hilary to also have one!  After joining the TR Club and speaking to some of the members he discovered a 1978 Spitfire for sale and purchased this for Hilary as a 20th Anniversary Gift in February 2010. 

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