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In Memoriam: Derrick Waters - 1932-2006

BCTR Member number 294

BCTR member since 1998

Derrick passed away in Vancouver on July 15, 2006, following declining health after a stroke in 2004.  Born in 1934 in Dublin, Ireland, he is survived by sons Raymond and Alistair, his brother David, and granddaughters Erin and Ellen.

Derrick absolutely adored his two granddaughters, and would regale you with stories about their last visit.  He also always made a point about asking about your family and children, sharing your joys and supporting you in your trials. 

Derrick enjoyed showing his award winning TR7 drophead, and, after his stoke, made special arrangements to have him chauffeured in the Triumph to shows, where he would visit with his friends and acquaintances in the British car community.

Always a gentleman, he always brought a smile to my face when we got together. And, every meet ended with his trademark "God Bless".  As my teen daughter said, "He was a really cool guy."

He will be missed.

Farewell, friend. God Bless...

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