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Triumph Links

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These are listed for everyone's enjoyment in good faith only.)

Online Forums

Triumph Tech

Triumph Parts and Service

Triumph Clubs

Triumph Registry Database Sites

Triumph Scale Models and Art

British Marque Car Clubs

Online Forums:

Triumph Experience: The Triumph Experience
Club Triumph: Triumph Torque
Internet Blog: The Scions of Lucas (aka Team.Net)
Spitfire: Triumph Spitfire Magazine
GT6: GT6.com
Herald: Herald Tips
All British: British Car Links
All British: Classic British Cars
All British: Just Classics
All Classics: Classic Car Adventures
All British: Moss Motoring

Parts & Services:

Vancouver Area and BC:Parts & Services:
Parts (new and used): Carry-On British Parts (was All British Cars)
Service: Lionel (604-574-3033)
Service: Heywood Motors
Parts & Service: Octagon Motor Group
Parts: Overseas Auto
Parts: Coast Import Auto Supply (604-325-3275)
Instrumentation Service; speedo, tach, gauges: Oliver Bienz (604-535-6221) or email
Struts: Strutwise
Parts (new and used): BBC Parts
Kelowna Car and Parts Sales: Drakes' British Motors

Ontario:Parts & Services:
Sarnia: Obsolete Automotive
Dundas : MacGregor British Car Parts

USA:Parts & Services:
Parts: British Parts Northwest
Parts: Moss Motors
Parts: Victoria British Ltd
Parts: The Roadster Factory
Parts: SpitBits - Spitfire & GT6 Spares
Parts: TRGB Triumph Spares
Parts: Stags Only
Parts: Triumphs Only
Parts: Clark and Clark
Performance Parts: Good Parts
Performance Parts: Wishbone Classics
Parts: TS Imported Automotive
LED Lighting: superbrightleds
Aftermarket Chassis: Ratco
Aftermarket Performance Parts: Classic Car Performance
Carb Kits: Joe Curto / British Superior
Brakes Carbs Shocks: Apple Hydraulics
Wire Wheels: California Wire Wheel, call 691-733-4946
Books and Manuals: Robert Bentley, Publishers
Vehicle Shipping: RCGauto

UKParts & Services:
Parts: Canley Classics
Parts: Rimmer Brothers
Parts: Moss Motors (different catalogue than USA)
Performance Parts, TR2-TR6: Revington TR
Parts: Ivor M Davis
Parts: SC Parts Group
Parts: Stainless Steel Quiller Triumph
Overdrives: OverDrives
Interiors: Newton Commercial - Classic Triumph Trim
Tires: Vintage Tyres
Lucas Distributor & Vacuum Units: Britishvacuumunit

EURO:Parts & Services:

Triumph Clubs and Organizations:

Toronto, ON: Toronto Triumph Club
Ottawa, ON: Ottawa Valley Triumph Club
Montreal, QC: Montreal Triumph Club

National USA: Vintage Triumph Registry
Washington: Tyee Triumph Club
Oregon: Portland Triumph Owners Association
San Diego: Triumph Sports Car Club of San Diego
Southern California: Southern California Triumph Owners' Association (SCOTOA)
San Francisco, Bay Area: Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club
Colorado: Rocky Mountain Triumph Club
Minnesota: Minnesota Triumphs
Detroit: Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club
Ohio: Buckeye Triumphs Club
Illinois: Illinois Sports Owners Association
Pennsylvania: Central Pennsylvania Triumph Club
Long Island: Long Island Triumph Association
Georgia: Georgia Triumph Association
Carolinas: Triumph Club of the Carolinas
TR7-TR8, HQ in Maryland: The Triumph Wedge Owners Association

UK: TR Register UK
UK: Triumph Sports Six Club UK
France: TR Register France
France, Spitfires: Amicale Spitfire - Spitfire Club of France
Belgium: Belgian Triumph Club
Finland: Triumph Club Finland
Austria: TR Register Austria
Germany: TR Register Deutschland
Greece: Triumph Sports Club of Greece

New Zealand: Triumph Owners Club
Australia: Triumph Sports Owners Association of Australia

Cape Town, South Africa: Triumph Sports Car Club of Cape Town
Johannesburg, S.A.: Triumph Sports Car Club of Johannesburg

Triumph Registry Database Sites:

TR: International Triumph TR Registry
TR7 / TR8: TR7/TR8 World Wide Wedge Registry
Stag: International Triumph Stag Registry
GT6: International Triumph GT6 Database
Spitfires: International Spitfire Database/Registry

Fraser Valley, BC: Fraser Valley British Motor Club
Langley, BC: Langley Area Mostly British Motoring Club
British Columbia: Old English Car Club of BC
British Columbia: Okanagan British Car Club
British Columbia: Special Vehicle Association of British Columbia
Mini: Vancouver Mini Club
Across Canada: British Saloon Car Club of Canada
Ontario: Boot & Bonnet Club (Kingston ON)
Nova Scotia: British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia
PEI: British Motoring Association of Prince Edward Island
Calgary: Vintage Sports Car Club of Calgary
Jags and MGs: Canadian Jaguar / MG Club
Sacremento: United British Sports Car Club
California: Central Coast British Car Club
New Mexico: British Car Forum
USA Magazine: British Marque Car Club News

Triumph Tech

TR2, TR3, TR3A: Service Manual
TR6: Service Manual

Tuning for power: Tuning Standard Triumph by David Vizard
Tuning for power: Revington Tech Info

All Models: Tremec
All Models: Crawlipedia

Lever Shocks Maintenance: Rear Suspension

TR2 TR3 TR3A TR4 TR4A: TR2,3,4 Wiring
TR250 TR5 TR6: Advance Auto Wire
GT6 Mk3: GT6 Wiring
SPITFIRE Various Years: Spitfire Wiring
SPITFIRE Overdrive: Spitfire OD Wiring


Lucas Generator and Control Box tests Generator and Control Box tests
Voltage Stabilizer 10 Volt Stabilizer
Brake-Light-Switch (better quality) Switch for Brake Light
Bulb Finder: LED Bulb Finder

Timing with Vacuum Gauge Vacuum Engine Timing
Spark Plugs Colour Chart Chart
SU Carb Tech Info and Sales SU Carbs
Zenith Stromberg Carb Tech Info and Sales ZenithStromberg
Emission Control Systems Triumph 1973 Carburetor and Emissions Servicing

Engineering Tools and Formulae: Engineering Tool Box
Removing Broken & Seized Fasteners: Seized Fasteners
Triumph Hardware Catalogue: Hardware Info
Aluminum: Polishing

Triumph Scale Models and Art:

California, Robert Tyler, Artist: Call 661-600-2334
Vancouver, Car Models, Art and more: Wilkinson's Automobilia
Europe, Car Models: Derrez Models NL
Triumph Photos: TR4 Photos

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