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Welcome to BCTR
A Triumph Car Club since 1986 !

The BCTR is a club dedicated to the preservation of the fine heritage of the Triumph Motor Car.

Based in the Lower Mainland, BCTR caters to all Triumph enthusiasts in British Columbia.

Monthly General Meeting, Second Wednesdays, 7:30PM, Room 203 Cloverdale Recreation Centre

Email: bctriumph@gmail.com , or click the "Contact Us" link above to self-generate an email.

Reminders :


January 21, 2018

Guildford Golf and Country Club, 7929 152 Street, Surrey

Door opens: 6:00pm, Dinner: 7:00pm, Cost: $40 per person.

Pay at the Club meeting or mail cheque to Keith Sparkes, payable to "BC TRiumph Registry".

RVSP to Keith Sparkes or to Barrie Puffer


Were due December 31, 2017.  If not paid yet, please forward payment ASAP

See the Membership (Join BCTR) page for details and PayPal.

News :

JAN 2018


In a tight race, two new BCTR officers were elected :

Replacing Brian Thomlinson as President is Richard Walker,

Kelly McPherson replaces Richard as Vice President

As we start to support the new leaders, we also offer three cheers to Brian Thomlinson's three years of cheerful leadership ...hip, hip, ....

Dec 2017

Herman van den Akker

Sadly, Herman passed away last week, after a bout of pneumonia.

Herman was present at many Triumph meets including Triumphests and our ATDI's over the years,

He is widely known for his HVDA five speed gearbox conversion engineering and kits for TR2 thru TR6.

Dec 2017

BCTR Newsletter Editors

Ken and Joanne Nicoll have published their final newsletter (Dec 2017 edition) and what a newsletter it was. The whole membership thanks them for their years of wonderful editions. Well done !

Replacing Ken and Joanne are new editors Jonathan Clegg and Bryan Wicks

Dec 2017

BCTR Boys Run

Richard Walker has taken the role as planner for this year's Run.

A preliminary plan has been formulated and details will emerge over the next few weeks.

Dec 2017

ATDI 2019 Planning

At the Special Meeting for ATDI 2019 plannning, Alec Mielen stepped forward to chair the committee for our next hosted ATDI.

Nov 2017

BCTR ATDI 2019 Special Meeting for all BCTR members

December 6, 2017

From 6:30 pm

ABC Restaurant, #300-100 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam

It is time to put some plans in place to the 2019 ATDI that we are hosting. Please bring your ideas for locations for both the hotel and the car show.  Also think about how you can help. We need volunteers for: Organising Committee, Registration, Drives, Regalia, Parking and many more.

Oct 2017

New VTR Liason
Lee Cunningham has volunteered to be our new VTR Liason, effective immediately.

Oct 2017

BCTR elections are coming up in the Jan 2018 General Meeting. The following posts need to be filled :
* President for two year term.

Sept 2017

BCTR is now on facebook  facebook logo
Bryant Paulsen has created a Facebook page for our club.
Go to the BCTR facebook site and join today.

July 2017

Seattle ABFM 2017 Awards
Bryant Paulsen - 1967 TR4A IRS
Keith Sparkes - TR6
Richard Walker - 1981 TR8

July 2017

Sadly, Fred Bennett, long time BCTR member and British car enthusiast has passed away recently.

May 2017

Van Dusen ABFM 2017 Awards

April 2017

Dick Frankish has moved and his ‘Spitfire Heaven’ sadly is no longer in business. He celebrated his 99th birthday at his new residence. He passes along his regards!

Rallyes, Runs, Races, Drives and Tours

Suggestions for Rallyes, Runs, Drives and Tours are welcome. Click to Email: Suggestion

See also the Events page for details.

BCTR Runs:

Date: TBA

Nothing is planned at the moment, if you have an idea, let us know and it will be posted here.

Host - tba

BCTR 2018 Meetings

See also the Events page for details.

Jan 10, Feb 14, March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13,

July 11, Aug 8, Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 12

BCTR Past Events

ABFM 2017 Awards

ATDI 2016 Awards

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