Triumph Parts & Services

Vancouver Area and BC:Parts & Services:
Service (Surrey): Lionel (604-574-3033)
Service (Abbotsford): Helmuts Service Centre
Service (Vancouver): Heywood Motors
Service (Vancouver): BMC Motorworks
Service (North Vancouver): Silk Cat Automotive Specialist
Service (Vancouver): Octagon Motor Group
Service (Victoria area): Owen Automotive (250-655-4338)
Parts (Kelowna): Drakes' British Motors
Carb Service (Victoria): Island Automation
Parts (Langley): Carry On British Parts

Ontario:Parts & Services:
Dundas : MacGregor British Car Parts

USA:Parts & Services:
Parts: British Parts Northwest
Parts: Moss Motors
Parts: Victoria British Ltd is now part of Moss Motors
Parts: The Roadster Factory
Parts: SpitBits - Spitfire & GT6 Spares
Parts: TRGB Triumph Spares
Parts: Stags Only
Parts: Triumphs Only
Parts: Clark and Clark
Parts for Performance : Good Parts
Parts for Performance : Wishbone Classics
Parts for Performance : Acme Speed Shop
Parts for Performance : Classic Car Performance
Parts for Performance : TS Imported Automotive
Wire Harness and Electrical Accessories: British Wiring
LED Lighting: superbrightleds
Aftermarket Chassis: Ratco
Carb Kits: Joe Curto / British Superior
Brake Lines and Fittings: FedHill
Brakes Carbs Shocks: Apple Hydraulics
Wire Wheels: California Wire Wheel, call 691-733-4946
VTO Wheels: VTO
Tire Sidewall Colour Rings: Rings
Books and Manuals: Robert Bentley, Publishers
Vehicle Shipping: RCGauto

UKParts & Services:
Parts: Canley Classics
Parts: Rimmer Brothers
Parts: Moss Motors (different catalogue than USA)
Performance Parts, TR2-TR6: Revington TR
Parts: Ivor M Davis
Parts: SC Parts Group
Parts: Stainless Steel Quiller Triumph
Overdrives: OverDrives
Surrey Tops: Revival Motorsport Fabrications
Custom Fuel Tanks: Revival Motorsport Fabrications
Custom Radiators: Revival Motorsport Fabrications
Interiors: Newton Commercial - Classic Triumph Trim
Wooden Dash Boards: Hand Made by Heary
Tires: Vintage Tyres
Hoses: Roose Motor Sport
Knurled Gauge Nuts: SC Parts
Auto Electrics: AES
Lucas Distributor & Vacuum Units: Britishvacuumunit

EURO:Parts & Services:

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