Welcome to BCTR

The BCTR is a club dedicated to the preservation of the fine heritage of the Triumph Motor Car.

Based in the Lower Mainland, BCTR caters to all Triumph enthusiasts in British Columbia.

Monthly General Meeting, Second Wednesdays, 7:30PM, Room 203 Cloverdale Recreation Centre

Celebrating 30 Years as a Club for Triumph Roadsters, Coupes and Saloons !

Announcements !

Drives, Runs and Tours

BCTR August Drive :

The ATDI in Campbell River is the Run for August.

BCTR September Drive :

Saturday, September 17th, meet at 2:30 pm (14:30). Before the BCTR BBQ.

Meet location is the Nicoll residence.

Depart at 3:00 pm (15:00).

BCTR Upcoming 2016 Events

See also the Events page for details.

Sept 3    - ABFM Portland

Sept 9    - The 9th Annual Mt. Baker Run

Sept 14    - BCTR Monthly Meeting

Sept 17   - BCTR 30th Anniversary Club Barbeque - hosted by Ken and Joanne Nicoll in Langley.

Sept 25    - Auto Jumble


 Bill Stanfill owner of 1964 Triumph Herald

 Honourable Mention to Linda Allen, original owner of  1970 Triumph TR6


 Dennis Campbell owner of 1972 Triumph Stag


 John Reynolds from Tempe Arizona in a 1971 TR6


TR2 and TR3 :

Place Owner Car Club
     1st Rick Casey 1960 Triumph TR3A TYEE
2nd Bryan Wicks 1956 Triumph TR3 BCTR
3rd Steven Crosby 1960 Triumph TR3A VSSCC
4th Gary Wilson 1962 Triumph TR3B TYEE

TR4 :

     Place Owner Car Club
     1st Wayne Shalagan 1966 Triumph TR4A
     2nd John Gebert 1965 Triumph TR4A TYEE
     3rd Olivier Martineau 1965 Triumph TR4A BCTR


     Place Owner Car Club
     1st Ken Hedges 1968 Triumph TR250
     2nd Brian Thomlinson 1968 Triumph TR250 BCTR
     3rd John Bell 1968 Triumph TR250 PTOA

TR6 - Early models :

     Place Owner Car Club
     1st Linda Allen 1970 Triumph TR6 TYEE
     2nd Lee Cunningham 1970 Triumph TR6 BCTR
     3rd Kerry McCullough 1972 Triumph TR6

TR6  - Late models :

     Place Owner Car Club
     1st Alan Thompson 1974 Triumph TR6 TYEE
     2nd Ron Finnegan 1974 Triumph TR6 PTOA
     3rd Dean Himes 1974 Triumph TR6 PTOA
     4th George Novotny 1975 Triumph TR6 BCTR

TR7 and TR8 :

     Place Owner Car Club
     1st Mervin Steg 1980 TR7 Spider OBCC
     2nd Alec Meilen 1980 Triumph TR8 BCTR
     3rd Gary Stoutenberg 1981 Triumph TR8 BCTR


     Place Owner Car Club
     1st Mike Blaisdell 1973 Triumph Stag TYEE
     2nd Denis Campbell 1972 Triumph Stag OBCC

Spitfire and GT6 :

     Place Owner Car Club
     1st Nathan Beckett 1970 GT6+ TYEE
     2nd Randy Bauder 1966 Spitfire MkII TYEE
     3rd Barrie Puffer 1972 Spitfire BCTR

Legacy (other cool Triumphs) :

     Place Owner Car Club
     1st Bill Stanfill 1964 Herald TYEE
     2nd Denis Thompson 1977 Dolomite Sprint BCTR

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