Welcome to BCTR

The BCTR is a club dedicated to the preservation of the fine heritage of the Triumph Motor Car.

Based in the Lower Mainland, BCTR caters to all Triumph enthusiasts in British Columbia.

Monthly General Meeting, Second Wednesdays, 7:30PM, Room 203 Cloverdale Recreation Centre

Email: bctriumph@gmail.com , or click the "Contact Us" link above to self-generate an email.

A Triumph Car Club since 1986 !

Announcements :

Dick Frankish has moved and his ‘Spitfire Heaven’ sadly is no longer in business.

He celebrated his 99th birthday at his new residence.

He passes along his regards!

Rallyes, Runs, Drives and Tours

Suggestions for Rallyes, Runs, Drives and Tours are welcome. Click to Email: Suggestion

BCTR April Drive :

- Sunday April 9th.

- A big thanks to Drive Hosts Barrie & Jeanette Puffer for a great run.

BCTR May Drive :

As May has plenty of activities, there will not be a planned run.

Boys' Run 2017 :

- June 8 - 11

- Details are per email announcement.

- Run Host: Brian Thomlinson / Jerry Goulet

BCTR Upcoming 2017 Events

See also the Events page for details.

April 12    - BCTR Monthly Meeting

May 10   - BCTR Monthly Meeting

June 14    - BCTR Monthly Meeting

BCTR Past Events

ATDI 2016 Awards

Other BCTR page links :

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